AMD Triggers US Investigation of Realtek, TCL Holdings for Patent Infringement

AMD Triggers US Investigation of Realtek, TCL Holdings for Patent Infringement

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AMD and ATI Technologies ULC have filed a complaint with the United States International Trade Commission (USITC) that Realtek Semiconductor and TCL Industries Holdings have violated five patents, triggering a USITC investigation of the claims.

The USITC announced that it would investigate certain graphics systems, components thereof, and digital televisions with components from Taiwan-based Realtek and the China/Hong Kong-based TCL Industries Holdings (and its subsidiaries). The allegedly patent-infringing products are all imported into the US for sale, bringing them under the remit of the USITC.

AMD and ATI filed the complaint on May 5, 2022, seeking an exclusion order and cease and desist orders for the sale of the products. The USITC announced the investigation on July 1. AMD and ATI Technologies ULC of Canada, which AMD purchased back in 2006, claims Mediatek and TCL Industries violated five patents covering various graphics technologies. 

The ATI patents include texture decompression techniques, a graphics processing architecture with a unified shader, and a multi-threaded graphics processing system (patents 7,742,053 claims 1-9, 8,760,454 claims 2-11, and 11,184,628 claims 7-12). The AMD patents cover a method and system for synchronizing thread wavefront data and events, and a patent covering a processing unit that enables asynchronous task dispatch (patents 8,468,547 claims 16-21, and 8,854,381 claims 15-20). 

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