The Apple WWDC 2022 Keynote Live Blog (Starts at 10am PT/17:00 UTC)

The Apple WWDC 2022 Keynote Live Blog (Starts at 10am PT/17:00 UTC)

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As we round the corner after Computex and transition into June, it’s time once more for Apple’s annual World Wide Developers Conference. As always, Apple kicks off WWDC with their big keynote event, which though aimed first and foremost at developers, is also used as a venue to announce new products and ecosystem strategies. The keynote starts at 10am Pacific (17:00 UTC) today, and AnandTech will be offering live blog coverage of Apple’s event.

With WWDC going virtual once again this year, we’re expecting another rapid-fire, two-hour run through of Apple’s ecosystem. WWDC keynotes have historically covered everything from macOS and iOS to individual Apple applications and more. On the hardware side of matters, in previous years we’ve seen things like the official announcement of Apple’s shift from x86 to Apple Silicon; and while 2021 was light on hardware, one never quite knows what Apple has in store. Apple has yet to launch an Arm-based Mac Pro, so there’s still some big surprises left in their bag, and of course there’s always the chance of the periodic product refresh.

So join us at 10am Pacific to see just what Apple is working on for this year and beyond.

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