Phanteks Eclipse G360A Mesh Front Case Review

Phanteks Eclipse G360A Mesh Front Case Review

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Many of the long time readers (or at least over the last three years) of my PC enclosure reviews will know that I have shown a great deal of love to several of the Phanteks cases that I’ve reviewed/owned in that time. Phanteks has been one of the innovators in the enclosure market over the last several years and many of the features that they introduced have become the industry standard.

If you like having Velcro ties for cable management and hard drive trays in the power supply section of your PC, you have Phanteks to thank, and before their Evolv line, a case with tempered glass side panels was going to cost in excess of $300 USD.

With all that said, Phanteks has been a bit quiet with new enclosure designs over the last couple of years (not like there was a global pandemic or anything). They have introduced several new models, but they have all been based on an existing chassis with small changes in design elements or appearance. That changed earlier this year with the release of the Evolv Shift XT, a very interesting small form factor enclosure.

Today we see the first of the new G-Line of enclosures, the Phanteks G360A. Some of the benefits of the G360A include places for a lot of fans, good radiator support, a very clean aesthetic, and an MSRP just below $100 US. This new enclosure is what Phanteks is calling a “high value D-RGB gaming chassis.” Is it? Can I offer an objective assessment of a Phanteks product?  Let’s dive in and find out.

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