Samsung Neo G8 and Neo G7 Monitors Now Available

Samsung Neo G8 and Neo G7 Monitors Now Available

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For those that don’t require bleeding-edge refresh rates, Samsung’s new Odyssey Neo G7 is, like the Neo G8, a 32-inch 4K monitor with 1000R curved VA panel, but it offers a “slower” 165 Hz refresh rate – still more than enough for “premium gaming performance”.

This performance is powered by many of the same features as the Odyssey Neo G8 model, including AMD FreeSync Premium Pro, Quantum Mini LED technology, as well as Quantum HDR 2000 with 2,000nit peak brightness and a million-to-one static contrast ratio for superior immersion that plunges players into the virtual world of any game they play.

The deep immersion is enhanced by the CoreSync lighting found on the rear of the monitor, bringing content to life with bright and vivid colors that create more memorable experiences.

Deviating from the PR for a moment, let’s explore the CoreSync lighting mentioned above for a moment. Ambient lighting for monitors (and TVs) is nothing new, but it’s a pretty cooling looking implementation from Samsung here:

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