The First Frontier for Quantum: Data Center Accelerators

The First Frontier for Quantum: Data Center Accelerators

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Even as quantum computing develops at an increasingly fast pace, the technology is still far from achieving mainstream distribution. There are several reasons for that – physics and engineering complexity, cost, and the relatively nascent implementations being some of them. There are computing environments that have carried the torch for the complexity of the so-called classical systems: High-Performance Computing (HPC), the domain of the datacenters and supercomputers of the world. There too, it seems, lies the first frontier for quantum.

Pawsey’s Supercomputing Research Centre in Australia has claimed the world’s first installation of a Quantum Computing Processor (QPU) in an HPC-first environment. Based on Quantum Brilliance’s diamond-based qubits, the partnership has been strategized to supercharge the pairing of quantum and classical systems through a hybrid research environment. The integration was facilitated by the fact that Quantum Brilliance’s QPU can operate at room temperature – something that other qubit types, such as IBM’s own superconducting transmon qubits, can’t.

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