Images Surface of Chinese Zhaoxin Glenfly Arise Discrete GPU

Images Surface of Chinese Zhaoxin Glenfly Arise Discrete GPU

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Images of a Glenfly Arise-GT10C0 discrete graphics card, and its exposed GPU, have been shared on Chinese social media platform Bilibili by user Hoki. This is a very basic graphics card by modern measures, with a boxy and utilitarian half-shroud cooler, and outputs limited to just VGA and HDMI. Moreover, the Bilibili post indicates that software support is still shaky, at least in Windows 10. So it’s extremely unlikely that AMD or Nvidia need to worry about losing a spot on our best graphics card list anytime soon. 

The image above shows the Glenfly GPU, exposed by the removal of the half shroud cooler assembly. The inscriptions on the GPU aren’t very revealing but confirm the GPU is part of the Arise–GT family, model 10C0. Other codes on the chip don’t reveal anything to us. The model number is interesting though, because a couple weeks ago we saw some Geekbench 5 benchmark results for what was recognized as a Glenfly Arise 1020. It is hard to know if this is a different member of the Glenfly Arise discrete graphics cards family, or if the name difference is due to Geekbench sysinfo reporting quirks. Some Chinese tech sites today are talking as if the previous Geekbench info is from this exact same card.

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