AMD Mendocino APU's Leaked Slide Alleges Just Two CUs

Purported AMD Ryzen 3 7320U Engineering Sample Benchmark Leaks

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A purported early benchmark test of a Windows 11 PC system packing an AMD Mendocino APU has appeared in the online UserBenchmark database. Twitter data miner Tum Apisak unearthed this link, which attests that the FT6 socket AMD engineering sample offers “good” CPU performance but “terrible” GPU performance, giving us a mixed outing for one of the first sitings of a Ryzen 7000 chip in the wild — albeit one that comes as an APU with the Zen 2 architecture. At least for now. As with all engineering sample (ES) CPU benchmark test results, these are on early silicon that likely has quite a bit more tuning needed before the final products hit shelves and vie for a spot on our list of best CPUs for gaming. We also have to caution that the results haven’t been confirmed. 

(Image credit: Future)

Above you can see, the CPU portion of the APU offers a 4C/8T configuration with base/boost clocks of 2.4/4.1 GHz. This puts in a decent performance for what it is, but please note that quad-core CPUs are falling out of favor with gamers in 2022. Nevertheless, the CPU’s specs and performance align with expectations from the official outline of the product that AMD shared during Computex.

As the Mendocino APUs are aimed at good value everyday laptops, AMD settled on using Zen 2 cores, and you won’t find any member of this family with a higher core count than 4C/8T. One change delivered to the cores in this APU is that AMD has taken advantage of TSMC’s N6 process node. N6 benefits for TSMC are better yield and shorter production cycles compared to N7, and customers get 18% higher logic density over the N7 process with compatible design rules.

(Image credit: AMD)

Moving along, in the lower half of the screen grab from UserBenchmark, you can see the Radeon Graphics portion of the APU appears to fare badly in the widest possible comparison. Unfortunately, UserBenchmark omits any useful specs regarding GPUs under test, which is a shame.

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