Team Group Reveals New DDR5 Modules

Team Group Reveals New DDR5 Modules

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Team Group has announced (opens in new tab) the launch of some updated RAM Modules in its Elite range, bringing DDR5 speeds to its range of DIMMs for desktop and laptop use. There’s both SO-DIMMs and U-DIMMs available, for desktop and laptop use.

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Running at a respectable 5600 MHz (we have yet to discover what their CL timings will be, though the lack of ostentatious heat spreaders suggests it will be quite ordinary) and with an operating voltage of 1.1V (again, not unusual) the modules could, Team Group claims, ‘[extend] the life of computers it is installed on’. DDR5 features such as same-bank refresh and optimized circuit structure are supported, and Team Group thinks they’ll be excellent for multitasking.

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