Raspberry Pi 3A+ Mod Brings Double the RAM

Raspberry Pi 3A+ Mod Brings Double the RAM

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Finding a Raspberry Pi right now is harder than ever with many vendors selling out almost as soon as they’re restocked. But if you’re like maker and developer Pi800, you can always splice together a mod using an old Pi to create a faster, more efficient model that would be otherwise impossible to find on the market. In this project, Pi800 has updated a Raspberry Pi 3A+ to use a 1GB RAM chip harvested from a broken Pi.

This mod makes the 3A+ a more viable contender for projects by doubling the RAM from it’s usual 512MB to 1GB. According to Pi800, this mod uses a chip from an old Raspberry Pi 3B+. so recreating it will require either sacrificing a Pi or using components from an out-of-commission module.

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