Steam Deck Mod Allows for Longer M.2 SSD Upgrades

Steam Deck Mod Allows for Longer M.2 SSD Upgrades

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Contrary to popular belief, the best SSDs for Valve’s Steam Deck aren’t the ones with the fastest performance or the biggest capacity. That’s right. The best SSD for the handheld gaming console is one that fits.

The Steam Deck has an M.2 2230 slot to house M.2 NVMe SSDs. While there are M.2 2230 SSDs on the market, it’s not one of the widespread form factors such as M.2 2280. However, Twitter user Belly Jelly (opens in new tab) has discovered a way to expand the M.2 2230 slot to an M.2 2242 slot, opening the door to more SSD options. The resourceful Steam Deck owner ordered some small M.2 adapters to modify the device’s standard M.2 slot. With the 30mm to 42m adapter, he could extend the slot’s length to house the longer 2242 SSDs.

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