Corsair CX550F RGB Power Supply Review

Corsair CX550F RGB Power Supply Review

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The CX550F is among the best mid-level PSUs featuring RGB lighting. Corsair teamed with HEC for its CX-F line, and it used a modern platform including a quality fan with advanced RGB lighting, meaning that the production costs increased; hence, the CX550F costs more than the category’s average. Nonetheless, besides the eye-candy features, the unit also offers good performance and is not noisy under normal operating conditions. 

If you don’t care much about the RGB lighting, which is the main reason to spend more and buy the CX550F, you can also look at the Corsair CX550M and the XPG Pylon 550. Both use less advanced platforms than the CX550F yet still offer higher overall performance. If we had an RGB category in our best PSUs article for mid-level units, the CX550F could be included. 

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