AMD Raphael-X CPUs Outed By Team Group DDR5 Announcement

AMD Raphael-X CPUs Outed By Team Group DDR5 Announcement

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Memory specialist Team Group has announced that it has prepared the first industrial DDR5-5600 memory modules. In its blurb, the firm claims that the new memory modules are a good match for next-gen platforms like “Intel Raptor Lake and AMD Raphael-X.” What makes this particularly interesting is that AMD hasn’t formally announced Raphael-X processors – which are expected to be Zen 4 architecture CPUs (Ryzen 7000 family) with 3D V-Cache technology applied.

Raphael-X Recap

The latest rumors suggest that AMD is gearing up to release its first Zen 4 architecture Ryzen 7000 ‘Raphael’ desktop processors on September 15. In addition, at least some of the supporting AM5-based motherboards will also logically become available simultaneously. We are less sure about ‘Raphael-X’ chips, but Twitter leaker Greymon55 hints that Raphael-X is already in mass production. Moreover, he says these 3D V-Cache enhanced CPUs will be released without much of a delay (compared to the core of the family) this generation. In other words, we could expect Raphael-X before New Year – but please add salt to such rumors.

What is “Industrial Smart Alert” DDR5?

Team Group’s new DDR5 memory modules will be made available in U-DIMM, SO-DIMM, ECC-DIMM, and R-DIMM form factors. Oddly for ‘Industrial’ components, they will come with RGB lighting and built-in audio. However, this isn’t mere frivolity; the multi-color lights and sounds will be used for operational status, alerts, and other helpful feedback.

(Image credit: Team Group)

Three RGB lighting modes are available with these memory modules; Alert, Notification, and Reminder. In the image directly above, you can see that a DIMM operating normally will show all green lights. However, if something triggers the smart detection system, the bi-color flashing RGB LEDs fire up. Just in case the modules are out of sight, you might also appreciate that these modules can produce audible alerts. The surface-mounted speaker looks like a piezo buzzer, which should be OK for emitting beeps and bleeps.

(Image credit: Team Group)

Team Group has yet to publish any product pages for its Industrial Smart Alert DDR5 memory modules at the time of writing.

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