Sabrent Rocket DDR5-4800 C40 Review: The Rising Starlet

Sabrent Rocket DDR5-4800 C40 Review: The Rising Starlet

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Sabrent’s new Rocket DDR5-4800 memory marks a sharp departure from the norm for the company. Sabrent has earned a spot on the list of popular storage vendors, with several products cementing their place on our list of best SSDs. The company was also the first to offer the world’s largest M.2 SSD in the shape of the Rocket 4 Plus 8TB. However, not complacent with being known for its SSDs, Sabrent recently decided to branch out to new horizons, specifically, the memory market.

The brand isn’t ready to go gung-ho on memory, and it’s understandable since the memory market is uncharted territory for Sabrent. Therefore, the company has taken a more cautious approach, only offering baseline DDR4 SO-DIMM and DDR5 memory for the moment. It’s Sabrent’s way of conducting a pilot test to determine whether it’s worth it to stay the course of the new venture or not.

If you own or have seen Sabren’ts Rocket or Rocket 4 Plus SSDs, you’ll recognize the design immediately. The memory utilizes a black PCB with a two-tone copper heat spreader for heat dissipation. Sabrent took the design from its SSDs and inverted the colors. Aesthetically, the heat spreader looks fine, but its construction is questionable. It’s a thin copper sheet you could take off with your fingers, but you wouldn’t want to remove it since it’s so fragile that it’s susceptible to bends and kinks. 

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