Steam Deck Designer Warns Against SSD Mod

Steam Deck Designer Warns Against SSD Mod

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After reports flooded the internet a few days ago showing users how to easily upgrade the Steam Deck’s 2230 SSD to a bigger 2242 drive, a Valve employee has taken to Twitter to shut down the mod as quickly as possible due to reliably concerns for the device. According to a Tweet by Steam Designer Lawrence Yang, (opens in new tab) modding the Steam Deck to run larger SSDs than 2230 will result in a significantly shorter life span of the Deck due to overheating problems.

Yang says the internals around the M.2 slot is very sensitive to additional power requirements and thermal pad modifications. As a result, the charge ICs can get very hot if you relocate the nearby thermal pads. Additionally, Yang says larger M.2 drives traditionally draw more power than the 2230 models, which isn’t optimal since Valve didn’t design the Steam Deck for more power-hungry SSDs. These two factors combined will significantly reduce the life of the Deck.

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