Intel's Arc Alchemist HPG Scavenger Hunt Has Finally Concluded

Intel Arc Alchemist Professional GPUs? Arc Pro A40 and A50 Spotted

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In a recent Tweet by @momomo_us, new mysterious Intel Arc GPUs have been spotted on the SiSoftware database, called the A40 and A50. The most intriguing part of the discovery is these GPUs are carrying the Pro moniker, which suggests Intel is building professional versions of its Arc Alchemist GPUs. This is the first we’ve heard of such GPUs from Intel, and besides some core specifications, we have no idea what additional features these professional graphics cards will offer.

According to the SiSoftware database, the A40 and A50 are listed as a single entity known as “A40/A50,” so we don’t know if the A40 or A50 is a typing error, or if something else is going on. Either way, this A40/A50 combo is listed as having 1152 shader cores on 128 cores, a clock speed of 2.45GHz, and nearly 5GB of memory.

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