Steam Deck Framerate Limiter Egregiously Raises Input Latency

Valve More Than Doubles Steam Deck Production, Q3 Reservations Starting Soon

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Valve just tweeted out some great news for SteamDeck fans, saying it has more than doubled the number of Steam Decks being produced every week. The company also says it just sent out the last batch of Q2 reservation emails and is prepared to start kicking off Q3 reservations on the 30th — or in three days. 

If you want to purchase a Steam Deck, now is s good time sign up. With production numbers more than doubling, Steam Deck consoles should be arriving to customers much sooner than before. That said, the expected availability date has not changed and still says “October 2022 or later.” But there is a chance this date will change with production ramping up, since the date has remained the same for months.

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