Sony Inzone H9 and H3

Sony Inzone H9 and H3 Review: Double Duty Gaming Headsets

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Sony is known for its top-tier audio, and also for its PlayStation 5. As the PlayStation arm of the company has moved more games over to PC, the electronics side is also making a renewed push into the world of PC gaming. Its new gaming headsets fall under its new “Inzone” label.

There are three new headsets: the Inzone H3 ($99), H7 ($229) and H9 ($299). We got the H3 and H9 in so we could review and consider them for our list of the best gaming headsets. The H3 is a wired pair of cans, while the H9 is the top-end version with wireless support, soft leather and digital noise canceling.

The Inzones don’t have every feature I would hope for, such as a detachable microphone or a carrying case on the more expensive headset. But with their lightweight, comfortable fits, long battery life (on the H9) and some easy-to-use software, they’re strong options for both PC and console gamers alike. 

Sony Inzone H3 and H9 Specifications

Sony Inzone H9 Sony Inzone H3
Design Style Closed back Closed back
Noise Canceling Yes No
Connectivity Options 2.4 GHz dongle + Bluetooth 5.0 (simultaneous) 3.5 mm cable (attached), USB adapter included
Cord Length N/A 4 feet (3.5 mm cable) / 6 feet (USB audio adapter)
Weight 0.72 pounds (330 grams) 0.66 pounds (299 grams)
Lighting White N/A
Software Inzone Hub (PC) Inzone Hub (PC)
Battery Life Up to 32 hours (rated) N/A
Price $299 $99

Design and Comfort of Sony Inzone H3 and H9

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