ASRock Z790 and H770 Motherboards Will Support Both DDR4 and DDR5

ASRock Readies For Raptor Lake, Issues BIOS Updates for 600-Series Boards

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ASRock has announced full compatibility with 13th-Gen Raptor Lake CPUs on most of its existing lineup of 600-series motherboards today, including Z690, H670, B660, and H610 models. Support is available now, with new BIOS updates featuring Raptor Lake CPU support. Check out ASRock’s list for currently supported Raptor Lake motherboards.

This announcement fulfills Intel’s promise that its LGA 1700 platform would support two generations of CPUs, both the current 12th-Gen Alder Lake CPUs and the upcoming 13th-Gen Raptor Lake processors. But for now, Raptor Lake support on 600-series boards will not come out of the box and will require users to update the BIOS on their motherboard to add support. It will take time for motherboard makers to ship updated BIOS’ from the factory with a pre-installed BIOS that supports Raptor Lake.

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Thankfully ASRock boards make this update process quite easy if you are building a new Raptor Lake system from scratch (in the near future). Most of ASRock’s 600-series models come with BIOS flashback support which allows the UEFI/BIOS to be updated without a CPU or memory installed into the motherboard.

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