MSI's H610 Motherboard Debuts With ATX12VO Connector

MSI’s H610 Motherboard Debuts With ATX12VO Connector

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MSI looks set to roll out its first H610 chipset motherboard with support for the ATX12VO power connector standard. The MSI Pro H610M 12VO (opens in new tab) featured briefly in an MSI Insider broadcast in mid-January when mainstream Alder Lake processors were fresh, but only now is it being readied for retail, with its product page providing a features overview, gallery, and full specs. In January, we thought this might become a system integrators only product, but its appearance on the consumer site confounded this notion.

H610 motherboards aren’t usually considered with much interest by PC enthusiasts due to their minimal specs, but this one deserves merit for keeping Intel’s single-rail ATX12VO power delivery standard alive.

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