Lian Li SP850, An SFX PSU Of A Different Colour

Lian Li SP850, An SFX PSU Of A Different Colour

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Braided Cables To Enhance The Look As Well

Since the majority of small form factor cases have interesting colours and aesthetics, so why shove in a plain old PSU?   Lian Li offers a choice with their new SP850 White SFX PSU.  The brushed aluminium casing is a striking white with a silver logo and patterns, with white braided cords to match.  Those cords even include a 12-pin 12VHPWR PCIe 5.0 cable adapter!

It’s not all about the looks either, the SP850 White is rated 80 PLUS Platinum, which The FPS Review proved that it deserved.  As you might expect, a SFX PSU of this wattage does generate a fair amount of noise under full load, however the hybrid fan controller will keep things silent while the load on the PSU is under half it’s full rating.  

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