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Raptor Lake Wafer Pictured During Intel Tech Tour Israel Event

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An image of an Intel Raptor Lake filled wafer has been pictured at the Intel Tech Tour Israel event. The 12-inch wafer picture was shared by Tom’s Hardware Editor Paul Alcorn via Twitter. We opened it up on our state of the art PC and shouted ‘enhance’ at the screen to create the image below.

(Image credit: Future)

If you pixel peep the enhanced section it is pretty easy to see the eight Performance Cores (P-Cores) on the highlighted rectangular die. It isn’t quite as easy to see that there are also 16 Efficiency Cores (E-cores) present (but there are). So, yes, this is a Raptor-Lake-S die which could be purposed to create an Intel Core i9-13900 tier CPU, as long as it makes the grade.

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