Asus Gen Z.2 Riser Card

ROG X670E Crosshair Extreme Rocks All-New Gen 5 M.2 SSD Riser Card

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Thanks to a Tweet by @momomo_us, we have our first detailed look at Asus’ brand new ROG Gen-Z.2 M.2 riser card that comes with the new AM5 ROG Crosshair X670E Extreme (opens in new tab) motherboard. What makes the new card so special is added support for PCIe Gen 5 SSDs.

The Gen-Z.2 is a proprietary PCIe card designed to slot into supported Asus motherboards. The card features two M.2 slots on either side, with one supporting Gen 4 speeds and the other Gen 5. Both slots support a maximum length of 110mm SSDs, but the Gen 5 slot gets its own dedicated passive heatsink cooler to aid in cooling more power-hungry Gen 5 SSDs.

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