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LattePanda 3 Delta Review: The Maker Desktop

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The shortage of Raspberry Pis continues. Over a year has passed since Eben Upton came on The Pi Cast to talk about Raspberry Pi and the supply chain woes, and it is still a challenge to pick-up everyone’s favorite single board computer (SBC).

(Image credit: Tom’s Hardware)

Over the last decade there have been many Raspberry Pi alternatives. OrangePi, Asus Tinkerboard and Khadas VIM4 to name but a few. These alternatives often have high spec hardware, but come up short with software support.

Another group of alternatives are boards that can still be classified as SBCs but feature Intel CPUs at their core. The latest to cross our bench is the $279 LattePanda 3 Delta, a rather large and powerful SBC powered by an 11th Gen Intel Jasper Lake CPU. Because it is Intel based, we have an expansive choice of potential operating systems. LattePanda provides both Windows 10 and 11, but if Linux is more your thing, you are well catered for.

(Image credit: Tom’s Hardware)

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