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China’s Domestic 7nm Gaming GPU Should Arrive in 2025

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According to various reports, Chinese graphics accelerator technology firm MetaX Tech locally referred to as 沐曦 (mu xi), will have a gaming GPU ready for the domestic market by 2025. During a recent media interview, Dr. Yang Jian, co-founder, CTO, and chief software architect of the firm, reportedly shared the MetaX GPU roadmap, including some details of its high-performance GPUs ready to face foreign rivals.

Apparently, MetaX is currently enjoying excellent progress in terms of both financial backing and development. Earlier this year, its heterogeneous 7nm GPU was taped out, ready for manufacturing. Moreover, the manufacturing of this product is said to be starting “soon.” Its second flagship GPU for scientific computing, AI inference, and data center is now at the final stages of R&D, with plans to mass produce it in 2024.

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