Pat Gelsinger holding in Arc A770 GPU.

Intel CEO Says Arc Gaming GPUs Will Hit Retail, Somewhere

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Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger is shutting down rumors that Intel is closing its GPU development. In a tweet, Gelsinger wrote that he has received his own personal A770 from Intel graphics head Raja Koduri and that the company is “now getting [the] first batch of A770 cards ready for retail[.]”

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Once the A770 hits the market, it will mark an important step for Intel. The company has shipped mobile Arc GPUs in laptops, though they’re only in a few models. The Arc 380 shipped first in China, and it was plagued with driver issues and faced poor reviews.

This led to rumors that Intel would drop GPUs on the back of news that Intel may exit more businesses in 2023. Last week, Koduri shrugged off the scuttlebut, and now Gelsinger is promising the A770 will ship.

What’s not clear is where the A770 will ship. The A380 was only in China, and we haven’t heard whether or not the A770, the first card Intel will ship with gamers in mind, will follow suit, or whether Intel will bring its Alchemist GPUs to the United States, Europe, and other international markets. That should be the plan, but is it still the plan?

Intel also doesn’t have the best timing here. When Intel announced it was getting serious about GPUs, we were in the middle of a massive component shortage that made a third competitor in the space seem like a necessity. Getting one of the best graphics cards meant constantly refreshing online stores or waiting outside of brick and mortar retailers to avoid paying scalpers.

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