AMD to Launch RDNA 3 on November 3

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Nvidia is probably launching some new GeForce RTX cards during a GTC presentation today, but AMD would rather you look to the future. AMD has announced that it will launch RDNA 3 on November 3. It’s set to be a big showdown to claim honors among the best graphics cards this fall.

Radeon senior vice president and general manager Scott Herkelman shared the news in a tweet. (Embedded below. Click “See more” to view the full tweet.)

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This is the second time this week AMD has put RDNA 3 into the news cycle. Yesterday, AMD published a blog post about performance-per-watt gains and efficiency in Radeon GPUs based on RDNA technology.

Rumors suggest that RNDA 3 will offer up to 96 compute units with 12,288 shaders and up to 50% more performance per watt than previous generations. It’s moving to a GPU chiplet architecture as well, which could revolutionize GPUs just as the company’s chiplet-based Ryzen lineup has completely changed the CPU landscape. Check our everything we know about the Radeon RX 7000 series and RDNA 3 GPUs for additional details.

We’re also expecting that the ray tracing hardware will get a serious improvement, including dedicated BVH hardware, which both Intel and Nvidia offer. The move to chiplets would be a move away from the way GPUs are currently made (from a single piece of silicon), which allows for lower cost paired with a more scalable architecture. It also allows AMD to race out to new, smaller process nodes before other companies.

We’ll hopefully find out the answer to that — and a lot more — on November 3. The top spots on our GPU benchmarks hierarchy are up for grabs.

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