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Raspberry Pi Pico Powers Hex Color Picker Input Board

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Dialing in hex values for LED colors has never been so easy thanks to this Raspberry Pi RP2040-powered color picker created by maker and developer Guy Dupont. It’s a quick way to find the exact color you want using hardware, in this case, a couple of LEDs, that you would use in other projects.

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The way The Dial Toner works is simple and definitely fun to play around with. There are 6 clicky potentiometer knobs that can be twisted and turned to dial in a specific value (A – F and 0 – 9). You can use these knobs to dial in a preferred hexadecimal string that corresponds with a color. An LED, housed inside of a clear keycap shows the desired color. Pressing this key to register the color with the interface Dupont created.

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