Intel Raptor Lake Non-K CPUs Show Up In New Benchmarks

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A trio of Intel 13th Generation Raptor Lake (RPL) processors appears to have recently checked into SiSoft’s sysinfo and benchmarking tools. Prolific Twitter tech data detective Tum Apisak spotted (opens in new tab) and highlighted (opens in new tab) SiSoft database entries for the purported Core i3-13100, i5-13400, and i9-13900 desktop CPUs. Of course, we have seen a lot of leaks and spills regarding Raptor Lake’s top-end and upcoming flagship CPUs, so it is interesting in this instance to see some light shone on the more mainstream offerings by Intel.

Tum_Apisak neatly collected the respective CPUs’ essential specs from the online charts. One of the key things to see from this is that the new Intel Core i3-13100 model has a Performance-Cores (P-Cores) only configuration. Thus it is a very similar offering to the previous (current gen, Alder Lake or ADL) Intel Core i3-12100, with 4C / 8T. It is the configuration we expect to see with the most entry-level 13th Gen CPUs that are essentially speed-bumped 12th Gen parts.

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Conversely, the Core i5-13400 shows some significant differentiation from its ADL predecessor, by adding some Efficiency-Cores (E-Cores) to the chip. And the Core i9-13900 (a close relative of the widely leaked Core i9-13900K) has double the number of E-Cores compared to its ADL predecessor.

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