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PlayStation 5 Refresh Boasts New 6nm AMD Oberon Plus SoC

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Sony refreshed its PlayStation 5 console about a month ago. Gaming tech enthusiasts have revealed little by little, the underlying changes delivered with the CFI-1202 consoles on the web and social media. The critical difference that precipitated the new compact cooling system and lighter build is Sony’s shiny new Oberon Plus processor inside the refreshed consoles.

The first two revisions of the Sony PlayStation 5 used the same AMD semi-custom processor. Then, what we in the PC world would describe as the ‘APU’ in the PS5, was dubbed Oberon and was fabricated on TSMC’s N7 process. According to Angstronomics’ report, backed up with refreshed APU comparison imagery, the new Oberon Plus is present in the CFI-1202 models, mass-produced by TSMC on the N6 process. It is easy to spot differences in the chip packages, and the source calculates that the newer processor has a die size of below 260mm^2 – quite a reduction from approximately 300mm^2 for the Oberon.

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