Gaming Peripheral Apps, Ranked From Worst to Worst

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Imagine this: You build a solid gaming PC, with a Corsair CPU cooler and a GPU that (hopefully) cost less than your rent. You pick up a feature-packed keyboard from SteelSeries and the most comfortable mouse  Razer has ever made. You want to program a couple of macros on the keyboard, check the battery life on the mouse, and see if you can adjust the  lighting on the cooler. 

Does this seem like a task that requires a program that constantly runs 20+ background processes, uses 72% of your GPU, and secretly hoards 10GB of space on your hard drive? No? It doesn’t? Well, that’s technically correct — you don’t need a program; you need three of them, each of which eats up a lot of system resources and has its own unique set of issues. 

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