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Intel Purportedly Decides on Location for Multibillion-Euro Chip Factory

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Intel and the outgoing Italian government have seemingly settled on the town of Vigasio, Veneto, as the site for a multi-billion European chip fab in Italy according to unconfirmed reports. The town is located about 14km (9 miles) southwest of Verona, and has been named by two people familiar with the deal, sharing information with Reuters.

At first glance, Vigasio appears to be an unremarkable small town in the north of Italy, with a population of under 7,500 at the last census. However, it is located nearby key resources which were probably instrumental in its selection; close to the Brenner motorway and railway, and with good connections to Magdeburg, Germany according to the source report. A quick check reveals the purported Italian site and Magdeburg are nearly 1,000km apart (or about 600 miles), and an approx 10 hour drive.

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Though Intel considered many geographically diverse Italian sites in its hunt for the best location for a European advanced semiconductor packaging and assembly plant, it ended up with a shortlist of two in Italy’s northernmost regions. After extensive deliberations, Vigasio and a site in the Piedmont region were neck and neck in a shortlist of two. However, Reuters sources say the decision was made in Vigasio’s favor in early September.

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