TeamGroup Unveils DDR5-7200 Memory Modules

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TeamGroup has introduced the industry’s first DDR5 memory modules boasting a data transfer rate of 7200 MT/s. T-Force Delta RGB modules are among best memory modules, and the new DDR5-7200 memory modules are designed primarily for Intel’s 13th Generation Core ‘Raptor Lake’ processors and are currently the fastest memory sticks in the world.

TeamGroup’s new T-Force Delta RGB family adds three speed bins: DDR5-6800, DDR5-7000, and DDR5-7200 CL34 at 1.4 Volts. Like other modules aimed at high-end Intel-based systems, the new T-Force Delta RGB memory sticks feature XMP 3.0 profiles for one-click settings adjustments — no mention is made of EXPO support for the new AMD Ryzen 7950X, unfortunately. Also, the modules come equipped with aluminum heat spreaders as well as addressable RGB lighting.

The DDR5-7200 modules use cherry-picked (binned) memory chips that can work at high frequencies. Unfortunately, it looks like there are not so many DDR5 ICs that can enable DDR5-7200 modules, which is why TeamGroup only offers 32GB dual-channel memory kits with 6800 MT/s, 7000 MT/s, and 7200 MT/s speed bins.

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These kits are designed specifically for Intel’s 13th Gen Core ‘Raptor Lake’ processors and Intel Z790-based motherboards, so there’s no guarantee that they’ll work at their designed speeds with 12th Gen Core ‘Alder Lake’ CPUs or AMD Zen 4 CPUs. TeamGroup also recommends using high-end motherboards that can deliver very clean power to the memory modules to ensure that they work flawlessly.

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