Alleged Benchmarks for Intel’s Unannounced Core i3-N300 / N305 CPUs Appear

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The first benchmark results of Intel’s yet unannounced eight-core Core i3-N300-series processors have been posted online. The eight-core processors appear to be slower than Intel’s quad-core Core i3-12100 and six-core Core i3-1210U in Bapco’s CrossMark as well as Primate Labs’s Geekbench 5, which may suggest that we could be dealing with Intel’s anticipated Alder Lake-N CPUs that only feature Atom-class energy-efficient cores. As ever with leaks, treat the news with a pinch of salt until it can be verified.

Intel’s Core i3-N300-Series

Intel yet has to formally introduce its Core i3-N300-series processors for notebooks. It seems as though their results in Bapco’s CrossMark and Primate Labs’s Geekbench 5 benchmark suites have already been published by someone either accidentally or by design. Based on entries in Bapco’s database (via @Benchleaks), Intel’s Core i3-N300 and Core i3-N305 processors feature eight physical cores and eight logical cores (i.e., they do not support simultaneous multithreading) as well as Intel’s built-in graphics. The Core i3-N305 has a base frequency of 1.80 GHz and a maximum frequency of 3.78 GHz, according to the Geekbench 5 database. 

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