Geniatecch SOM-3568-SMARC

New Geniatech Board Hits SMARC 2.1 Spec

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 Geniatech has unveiled its SOM-3568-SMARC board, a modest Arm chipset that complies with the SMARC 2.1 standard for compact, low-powered systems. Brought to our attention by CNX Software (opens in new tab), the SoM looks a little like a RAM module with a 314-pin MXM edge connector. 

This is an industrial core board designed for use in applications such as digital signage or IoT devices, but as there’s still a shortage of Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 (opens in new tab)s we can envisage it being useful for projects that would have used them. The DIMM form factor is reminiscent of the previous Raspberry Pi compute modules, and allows the I/Os from the chipset to be exposed in a convenient, easy to connect to way.

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