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Ryzen Threadripper 7000 Storm Peak CPU Surfaces With 64 Zen 4 Cores

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As AMD is rolling out the Ryzen 7000 ‘Raphael’ processors with up to 16 cores based on the Zen 4 microarchitecture, the company itself is already testing its next-generation Ryzen Threadripper 7000-series ‘Storm Peak’ CPUs with increased core count and other perks that high-end desktops and workstations tend to offer.

AMD (and some of its close partners) tend to test the company’s EPYC and Ryzen Threadripper processors on distributed computing workloads since they take advantage of high core counts. However, this time, someone tested an engineering sample of AMD’s yet-to-be-announced CPU with 64 cores with simultaneous multithreading support in Einsten@Home (opens in new tab), as uncovered by Benchleaks (opens in new tab).

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