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Google Japan’s GBoard Keyboard Doubles as a Bug Catcher Stick

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If you’re sick of typing on your boring keyboard, Google Japan (opens in new tab) has a new concept keyboard that will blow you out of your chair. The company is having some fun and has revealed a GBoard stick version keyboard (opens in new tab) resembling a long ruler or stick. The project is likely a fun prank; even the website’s URL gives that vibe. However, Google Japan shared the resources to build the keyboard, so we’ll let you decide for yourself.

The GBoard stick version keyboard is a DIY project that you can make and personalize yourself if you have access to a 3D printer. Instead of the standard layout, the keyboard has the keys in a single row. The keyboard measures 1,650mm, approximately 65 inches long. According to Google Japan, the width is “wide enough for a cat to walk across,” whereas the height is a “comfortable thickness.” The load capacity is “three t-shirts when supported on both ends.”

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