Cooler Master Synk X

Cooler Master Synk X is a Gaming Chair With Corss-Platform Haptics

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Cooler Master, maker of some of our favorite components (opens in new tab) and peripherals (opens in new tab), has announced a gaming chair that contains more electronics than is usual in soft furnishings. Seemingly some sort of giant, posterior-supporting subwoofer, the Synk X chair converts “sound waves into vibrations” to provide “real time tactile experiences” according to the announcement text.

The haptic seat looks like any other office or gaming chair, apart from a rather bulkier than usual seating area, partly for the two-stage retractable leg-rest, but also to house further tactile experiences. There’s also a control panel, replete with vibration level and headphone volume controls, plus battery status lights, built into the side of the frame behind the armrest where it can be reached but not easily seen.

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