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Ryzen 7000 Runs Faster With Security Mitigations Enabled on Linux

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According to a report by Phoronix, Ryzen 7000 processors are fir some reason running faster with security mitigations enabled vs disabled in the new Linux version 6.0. Nobody knows why this anomaly exists in AMD’s Zen 4 architecture, but as a result of the discovery, it is recommended to keep all relevant security mitigations enabled in Linux by default.

Linux kernel 6.0 features several security mitigations for Ryzen 7000, including for Speculative Store Bypass mitigations, SSBD related to Spectre V4, and Spectre V1 mitigations relating to SWAPGS barriers and user point sanitization. For Spectre V2, there are mitigations for Retpolines conditional Indirect Branch Predictor Barriers, IBRS firmware always-on STIBP and RSB filing.

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