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Moore Threads MTT S10 Graphics Card Hits Retail at $112

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Chinese GPU start-up Moore Threads has taken the very significant step of shipping its first graphics cards, according to a report published by PC Watch. The fledgling MTT S10 graphics card is listed on Taobao, a Chinese retail site for 800 Chinese Yuan, noted the source, but didn’t provide any seller links. Moore Threads is a particularly interesting Chinese “unicorn” start-up, as it is well funded and aims to market “fully featured” domestic GPUs. Moreover, its core engineering team is purportedly laden with ex-Nvidia talent. Conversely, Chinese GPU rival MetaX Tech is said to be majority staffed with engineers who have previous experience at AMD.

Moore Threads isn’t afraid of announcing products, but so far this MTT S10 graphics card appears to be the first to actually hit retail. Back in March, Moore Threads announced the MTT S60 for PC desktop and the MTT S2000 for server markets. Neither of those products have been seen since, but now the little MTT S10 is here we could shortly see some independent third party views on the abilities and performance of the underlying MUSA graphics architecture.

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The Moore Threads MTT S10 is an admittedly low-power discrete GPU and highly unlikely to make our list of best gaming GPUs. According to the official website’s product pages, the MTT S10 targets “digital office” workloads. It is small in size, and low power consumption. Nevertheless it still supports multiple 3D graphics APIs such as OpenGL, OpenGL ES and Vulkan – as well as accelerating online WebGL. It has 2D appeal too, with support for HDMI 2.1 output to 4K 60HZ monitors, accelerated support for AV1, H.265, and H.264 video codecs and video conferencing.

When the Moore Threads MTT S60 and MTT S200 launched we managed to dig up some key tech specs but we aren’t so lucky with the perhaps low-key launch of this entry-level product. All we know about the MTT S10 is that it: uses the 12nm MUSA architecture for wide 3D, 2D, and codec support; it has a TDP of just 30W; the GPU clock is 1 GHz; it uses LPDDR4 memory; has a PCIe 3.0 x8 interface; and the half-height board pictured comes with just one HDMI 2.1 port and one D-Sub VGA connector. Sadly, we can’t find the MTT S10’s quota of GPU cores, estimated TFLOPS performance, nor even its VRAM amount.

(Image credit: Moore Threads)

Remember, the MTT S60 is being heralded by Moore Threads as an all rounder, capable enough for content creation and enjoying PC gaming. It was demonstrated at launch playing League of Legends with various enhanced graphics features and filters applied. The newly released MTT S10 might only offer half the GPU cores and VRAM though, we don’t know at the time of writing. We will be watching Chinese sources and social media for further information and any tests of More Threads first available GPU.

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