World’s First Laptop with RISC-V Processor Now Available

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RISC-V processors have been gaining traction and software support (opens in new tab) for some time, so it’s good to see the open-source architecture making its way into actual products. The Alibaba Roma RISC-V laptop, announced back in the summer (opens in new tab) and spotted by CNX Software (opens in new tab), is finally available, and contains a quad-core processor plus plenty of the features we’ve become used to from Intel and AMD computers.

The Roma is based on a computing platform known as Wujian 600 aimed at cost-effective edge computing. The CPU in the laptop is an Alibaba T-Head (opens in new tab) TH1520 quad-core Xuantie C910 processor that’s clocked at up to 2.5GHz with a 4 TOPS NPU and an Imagination Technologies GPU on the side. It can support up to 16GB LPDDR4 or 4X RAM at up to 4266 MT/s, and has 256GB of SSD storage. 

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