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Best B550 Motherboards: AMD’s More Affordable PCIe 4.0 Option

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10/7/2022 Update: The AM5-socket Ryzen 7000 platform is now out in the wild, so we’re actively testing motherboards with AMD’s 32-thread Ryzen 9 7950X now and no longer focusing on the best B550 motherboards. High-end X670E and X670 motherboard reviews will come first, with more affordable B650E and B650 reviews following soon after. We’ll add the most impressive of those boards to our Best Motherboards list, and will be busy with Intel’s new Raptor Lake platform as well. So don’t expect any new B550 reviews to arrive on this page.

That said, last-gen Ryzen 5000 processors and AM4 motherboards are still capable performers that are enticingly affordable (and likely to only become more so as long as stock remains sufficient). But just know that if you opt for an AM4 motherboard now you are buying into a dying last-gen platform. Most (if not all) new AMD processors will be released on the new AM5 socket/platform, solely with DDR5 support.

The Best B550 motherboard for your next AMD build might not be a B550 board at all. AMD’s B550 chipset arrived with anticipation of PCIe 4.0 support at low prices, given the high cost of most X570 boards and the appealingly low price of many previous-generation B450 motherboards. But now that we’re well more than a year out from the launch of B550, we know that AMD’s more mainstream AM4 platform delivers on at least one of those promises–PCIe 4.0.

While there’s less bandwidth for multiple next-generation high-speed storage and graphics card setups with B550 compared to X570, it does deliver enough PCIe 4.0 lanes for the typical setup of a single speedy boot drive and graphics card. And overall, B550 prices are lower than their X570 counterparts. But many B550 motherboards —  particularly the high-end models — surpass the price of many lower-end X570 motherboards. 

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