Resize Images in GIMP

How To Resize Images in GIMP

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The GNU Image Manipulation Program or “GIMP” is an amazing piece of free and open source software created and maintained by a dedicated group of volunteer developers. It’s an incredibly fully featured image editor with powerful tools to make the best of your graphics and photographs. Don’t be daunted by its complexity; sometimes it’s just a really useful tool for simpler tasks.

There are numerous reasons you might want to resize an image. You may need a very specific size to print, you may need to reduce the size to reduce the filesize or you may be using multiple images in a design and need to size different parts of your composition. In this article we will look at numerous tools GIMP uses to resize images.

How to Resize an Image with Scale Image in GIMP

(Image credit: Tom’s Hardware)

The easiest way to resize an image in GIMP is to use the Scale Image feature. Using Scale Image we can precisely set the image size in a number of units (percentage, pixels, mm, inches etc) and set the image resolution, essential for images set to be rendered on screen or print.

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