Aftermath of missile attack in Kyiv

Russian Missile Reportedly Hits Samsung’s R&D Center In Ukraine

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Large-scale Russian missile attacks on civilian Ukrainian buildings and infrastructure have drawn strong condemnation by the UN Secretary General António Guterres today. The wave of strikes was described as an “unacceptable escalation” by the UN chief. In the wake of the barrage, there has reportedly (opens in new tab) been widespread damage to civilian areas, particularly in Kyiv, and sadly “dozens of people being killed and injured.” Illustrating the randomness of the destruction, a report from a Ukraine news outlet Mezha (opens in new tab) highlights a Russian rocket hit the building housing Samsung’s local offices and R&D center.

The Samsung facility is located quite centrally in Kyiv. Reports say a rocket hit the 101 Tower office center, where Samsung has offices and an R&D center, and the building shows damages across several floors. More images and a video of the scene have been shared (opens in new tab) by the Director of the Consumer Electronics Division at Samsung Electronics Ukraine, Andrii Skira, on his Facebook page.

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