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Google Gaming Chromebooks Flex GeForce Now and Xbox Cloud Tech

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Google has announced a new idea in its search for success in the lucrative gaming market. Today, Google and a trio of hardware partners launched “the world’s first laptops built for cloud gaming,” also known as Gaming Chromebooks. With Google Stadia’s death sentence certain, the cloud gaming services that the new offerings will embrace are Nvidia’s GeForce Now (preinstalled), Microsoft’s  Xbox Cloud Gaming (web app Beta now ready), and Amazon Luna (U.S. mainland only for now).

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The reasoning behind Gaming Chromebooks is that Google has now established Chromebooks as the go-to devices for those seeking “fast, secure and easy-to-use” computing. With compact and robust hardware now more readily available than ever, Google and its partners want to extend the Chromebook universe with gaming features and fast, easy access to “cutting-edge graphics through the cloud.” Google boasts that Gaming Chromebook compatibility with the aforementioned services means owners could have a library of up to 1,500 games at their fingertips.

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