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ASRock Launches Graffiti-Strewn LiveMixer Motherboards

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ASRock has been teasing its upcoming LiveMixer motherboard designs for some time on social media. Today the PC components maker finally launched the first two LiveMixer products; one for Intel and another for AMD processors. On the surface they mix graffiti-style writing and splashes of color in a Jackson-Pollock-meets-fruit-infused-energy-drink aesthetic. Beneath the surface, these are claimed to be reliable motherboards that have been tailored to meet the demands of creators and streamers.

First, let’s address the design — because this is what really sets these motherboards apart in a crowded field. You might think there’s some degree of user-customizability with a name like “LiveMixer.” ASRock goes along with that idea in its press release by saying you can “show your personality,” with the choice of motherboard / design. 

However, there is just one ASRock LiveMixer motherboard design for the Intel Z790 chipset, and one for the AMD B650 chipset. Both designs feature graffiti and splashes of color: Intel is mostly purple, while AMD is largely orange.

(Image credit: ASRock)

Moving onto features, ASRock highlights that the LiveMixer boards offer “superb reliability, cutting-edge performance and an extended connectivity,” which the company says is a boon for game streaming tasks. 

Despite the platform chipset differences, these motherboards share a lot of “designed for streaming” qualities to appeal to users who typically rely on a plethora of USB connected devices (controllers, cameras, mics, etc). Common features across both boards are highlighted in the screenshot below, and include: 23 onboard USB ports, Dragon 2.5G LAN, DDR5 memory support, Nahimic audio, Auto driver installer, and Polychrome Sync lighting.

(Image credit: ASRock)

Both boards feature ASRock Blazing M.2 storage connectors (PCIe Gen5 x4) with heatsinks, dual PCIe x4 slots and Thunderbolt headers, optimized VRM designs with Japanese capacitors, low latency USB ports for keyboard and mouse, Ultra USB power for stable peripheral support, and (claimed) quality construction.

(Image credit: ASRock)

The product pages for the ASRock Z790 LiveMixer (Intel) and the ASRock B650 LiveMixer (AMD) motherboards are now live. If you’re interested in digging deeper into a particular product’s specs you can check the extensive details provided by ASRock. Your choice probably depends not on color preferences, but whether you are more interested in Intel Raptor Lake, or AMD Ryzen 7000 CPUs. ASRock hasn’t yet mentioned anything about availability or pricing. 

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