New Blood Interactive’s Coming Game Looks Fallout

New Blood Interactive’s Coming Game Looks Fallout

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25 Years Of Fallout, It Deserves A New CRPG

War never changes but Fallout certainly does!  What started as a turn based isometric CRPG has evolved over the years to become an FPS with an interesting take on VATS as well as one of the most reviled MMORPGs ever made.   The game changed as well as the locations but the overall tone remained fairly consistent, allowing you to make questionable choices and become addicted to Rad-Away.  That has inspired some game designers to create something new, which harkens back to Fallout’s origins.

As of yet the game is unnamed and the best we know about the release date is that it is a long time away.  That doesn’t mean you can’t take a peek at what the game might look like, thanks to Twitter posts by the developer.  The game keeps the retro futuristic theme of Fallout, but obviously differs in some ways as we saw no flying cars roaming the city streets looking for clues about The Master.  The animation is also generations ahead of Fallout, in a quite literal sense.

Combat is also different than the original, but still remains turn based.  Instead of an isometric view it is in a first person camera, with your enemies arrayed in front of you.  The 30 second video over at Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN doesn’t offer too many details, but it certainly gives you a sense of the overall style.  The list of people involved are even more impressive, including one of the leads from the never realized Project Van Buren and the composer from Fallout and Wasteland.

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