51RISC Custom GeForce RTX 4090 model

GeForce RTX 4090 Has a Spirit Level To Prevent GPU Sagging

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An Nvidia graphics card partner in China has created a unique selling point for a custom GeForce RTX 4090, one of the best graphics cards. 51RISC has launched a model with spirit level functionality built into the top bar. The twin green fluid-filled capsules next to the backlit GeForce RTX logo don’t look so much out of place because the style is like two liquid-cooled reservoir tubes, but, of course, on closer inspection, they aren’t have anything to do with liquid cooling.

Beyond the spirit level appeal, the 51RISC design is pleasing enough and mixes Harley Earl and Colonial Marines design flair. However, we could complain that a graphics card that ‘cares’ about being level doesn’t come with any bracket or support in the box. Also, what do you do if you live in a house or room where the floor isn’t level, or your desk is leaning one way or another? In that case, the spirit level bubbles being off-center may be a nagging reminder of the structural flaws of your home.

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