Promo images for the AX-Gaming RTX 4090

AX-Gaming Announces White RTX 4090

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Chinese manufacturer AX-Gaming has announced its interpretation of the NVIDIA RTX 4090 chip: in white. Aimed at gamers who care for a bit more (or a bit less) contrast in their rigs, the AX-Gaming RTX 4090 X3W makes use of the same AD102 chip as our current best graphics card. Its backplate even showcases this with a blue, stylized “Ada 1.”

The AX-Gaming RTX 4090 X3W isn’t that much of a novelty in the brand’s design choice: AX-Gaming tends to manufacture white graphics cards, which represent the majority of the company’s portfolio. The company started designing cards around the time of Nvidia’s RTX 20-series (the ones that introduced raytracing at enormous performance costs), and launched as many as 15 designs for the RTX 30-series — its products must have been well received. 

Based on the card’s structure and where it’s being sold, we’d say it’s probably manufactured by Palit.

(Image credit: AXGaming)

The cooler itself is mostly white, but has some elements to break up the snowiness. These are low-contrast brushed aluminum and blue, and their presence is mostly seen in the card’s faceplate. They geometrically split the three 90 mm fans responsible for airflow circulation, what AX-Gaming calls its “Punk Max” design. The fans guarantee airflow through the cooler’s fin array, cooling the heat being pulled out of AD102’s computations through nine 6mm copper heatpipes.

Each of the fans also carry painted details on their centers; the middle fan features AX-Gaming’s logo, while the outermost fans feature a stylized “ABXY” logo. It’s perhaps lucky that the logos themselves will look like a spinning disc when the card is being put through its paces.

Promo images for the AX-Gaming RTX 4090

(Image credit: AXGaming)

The backplate is mostly white, broken by a cutout pattern that allows for airflow to circulate more freely. It’s here that we see the “Ada 1” logo, the “RTX 4090” identifier, and the company’s logo, all in understated detailing. Alongside the card, the edge that carries the 16-pin power connector is complimented by a white metal grill and “RTX 4090” in the same brushed aluminum color, while the company’s logo features an LED lighting system.

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