Nvidia Hopper H100 GPU and DGX systems

Oracle Buys Tens of Thousands of Nvidia A100, H100 GPUs

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Oracle on Tuesday announced plans to deploy tens of thousands of Nvidia’s top-of-the-range A100 and H100 compute GPUs to its Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). The A100 and H100 GPUs will be available for Oracle’s cloud customers for their AI workloads enabled by Nvidia’s AI software. The deal’s exact terms remain behind closed doors, but we are talking about a transaction worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

The new collaboration between Nvidia and Oracle will make AI training, computer vision, data processing, deep learning inference, and simulation available to all enterprise customers. They will not have to invest hefty sums into deploying their data centers with Nvidia’s expensive compute GPUs. Oracle already offers OCI clients access to high-performance computing instances and will now provide them with various AI capabilities.

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