Intel Releases First Arc Graphics Driver Package For Ubuntu

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As reported by Phoronix, (opens in new tab) Intel has released its first Arc GPU driver package designed specifically for Linux. The new driver package eliminates the learning curve required to manually install Intel’s Arc drivers on Linux, allowing anyone to conveniently install Intel’s Arc GPU drivers on supported Linux OSs. But, for now, the new driver package is designed solely for Ubuntu version 22.04 LTS and will not work on any other version.

For the uninitiated, graphics drivers in Linux do not consist of just a single driver – as you might think. Instead, to get a physical GPU fully operational within a Linux environment requires several different drivers, including DRM kernel drivers, OpenGL drivers for OpenGL rendering applications, and an ANV driver for Vulkan-supported video games – to name a few. These drivers are required on top of the actual Intel graphics driver, to make Arc GPUs fully operational with Linux.

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